Buster Activity Mat Range

A unique and innovative activity mat for your dog where the difficulty can be adjusted to meet your dog’s needs.

ActivityMat is an interactive puzzle for you and your dog.                                   

The dog must be supervised when working with ActivityMat.

Some dogs choose to use their paws, others their nose. Learn to accept the way the dog chooses to solve the task.

It is important that the dog gets a positive experience when working with ActivityMat.  Give the dog the help it needs, without taking the initiative away from the dog and solving the task for them.

Helps supports the relationship between you and your dog and will give you many hours of interactive play and training.

The ActivityMat can be expanded with new tasks, so you will always have new challenges for your dog.

When the dog is not sure what it should do, then it is a good idea to give them a treat just for touching the mat or a task.

If the dog is over excited then it may be a good idea to let him eat first. However if the dog is not too interested when first presented with ActivityMat then it could be an advantage that it is hungry. Choose what feels right for you and your dog.